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My name is Vivian Xu, a London-based potter.


I remember the first time I played with clay on a wheel was when I was six. My mom took me to a workshop and I threw my first vase there (with some help of course! and the vase is still proudly displayed in my parents' house!) Since then I have been attracted to the throwing wheel. It is simply soothing and therapeutic, and I am always fascinated by the transformation process of the clay - from a layer of earth to a piece of tableware or anything with a given purpose after being fired at higher than a thousand Celsius. I am a potter but I am also like the clay, going through the transformation process and being shaped into something with a given purpose.


Below is some of the work that I have done. I enjoy making functional pottery and original works for the home. Some of the pieces were sold as birthday/ Christmas/ anniversary gifts, while some of them were tailor-made for customers' small businesses or homes. Due to the Covid19 lockdowns in the UK (and many places around the world...), I spent (and still am spending) so much time at home, and really experienced how a nice piece of home decor or kitchen accessory can help lifting my mood and keeping me going for a little bit longer. I wish my work can bring others the same comfort during this difficult time as well.


If you're interested in my work just let me know by leaving a message, or visit my shop to see if there is anything you like there.

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Get in touch if you have any questions, or just to say hi :)

Based in London, United Kingdom

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